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Our team of specialists – lawyers, certified accountants, chartered auditors and human resources and payroll experts... will support you whenever you need it. 


With BDB Consulting, you will effectively reduce operating costs and improve the quality of services provided. 

We have worked with corporations, medium and small enterprises, NGOs and even political parties or religious unions, managers heading large teams and owners of small family businesses – we can also help you. 

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What can we do for you?


Optimise bookkeeping and accounting costs, take care of correct tax procedures and protect your company against business risk. 


Control the processes in your company and protect it against economic and legal risks. Investigate the risks associated with the acquisition or disposal of a business.

HR and payroll

Take care of your employees and choose optimal solutions for your company – benefit from the basic or extended payroll and HR services! 

Legal services

Run business in accordance with the law and gain professional support in the preparation of contracts, documentation required from companies, the processes of restructuring or reorganisation of operations, court and administrative proceedings. 

For your success!

It all started a long time ago… in Łódź – in 1994, we decided to set up BDB Consulting. A company that would offer customers more than others – comprehensive support on the way to business success. 

We perfectly remember the moment when we signed the contract with our first client, and although more than 25 years have passed since. In the meantime, our company has become one of the leaders in outsourcing legal, accounting, accounting and financial services. Nevertheless, each new client brings a sincere smile to our faces – because we like what we do. 

That very first client is still with us today.  



of experience



financial reports









With BDB Consulting, you can count on the help of certified accountants, lawyers, statutory auditors and HR and payroll specialists – together, more economically, more effectively. 

With BDB Consulting, you do not have to follow the changes in applicable regulations – we will do it for you and make sure that the law (and not only) is on your side. 

With BDB Consulting, you gain access to the expertise and experience of our specialists – we have been assisting our clients for 25 years, we will also help you. 

With BDB Consulting, you can count on a partnership approach – that allows us to offer the top quality services to you. 

With BDB Consulting, you save time and optimise budget – we act quickly and effectively because we know that it’s the results that matter.

With BDB Consulting, you know that everything is going to be fine – we keep deadlines, and we care about your company safety. 

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Hanna Zdanowska

Prezydent Miasta Łodzi

Dzięki zaangażowaniu BDB CONSULTING Sp. z o.o. mieliśmy szansę zorganizować wydarzenie, w którym wzięło udział 146 uczestników. Państwa wsparcie pozwoliło nam otoczyć właściwą opieką 24 przedsięwzięcia biznesowe.

Kinga Chelińska - Barańska

Country Manager DIGITAL WORKFORCE Sp. z o.o.

Z BDB CONSULTING współpracujemy od początku naszej obecności na polskim rynku. Korzystamy z usług księgowych, kadrowych i płacowych oraz usług prawnych. Cenimy sobie szybki kontakt i indywidualne podejście do klienta. Polecam

Emil Jałocha

Prezes Zarządu Ciepłownia Sp. z o.o.

Korzystamy z usług BDB CONSULTING od bardzo wielu lat. Otrzymujemy szerokie wsparcie, w tym specjalistyczne wymagane dla naszej branży. Dla planujących długoterminową relację, polecam

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