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Take advantage of payroll and HR services outsourcing – optimise your company’s budget and save more than you expect. 


Take care of your staff and gain a business partner who will deal with the formalities and ... training of your employees. 

What distinguishes BDB Consulting?

What distinguishes BDB Consulting, and why should you entrust us with your company's payroll and HR services?

We value deadlines – we care for all formalities to be completed timely. 

We adapt our offer to you, and never the other way round – we listen and are open to feedback. That makes us even a better business partner (for you).   

We are always at your service – we contact you in the way you choose – by e-mail, telephone, or social media communicators. 

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Join the group of our satisfied clients and see how others have benefited from cooperation with BDB Consulting. 


HR and payroll outsourcing - a simple way to reduce costs

Outsourcing HR and payroll services is a perfect solution for companies that want to optimise their budget and transfer responsibility for settlements with employees. You should also take advantage of BDB Consulting’s support in payroll and HR services and see how much it will pay off. 

Your company under the care of specialists

We guarantee you the top quality of services – a team of an HR and payroll specialist and a legal advisor will supervise the correctness of documentation and settlements in your company. That is how you will avoid problems with hiring employees, developing and maintaining documentation and calculating remuneration. Also, you will be confident that everything is fine in your company – the responsibility for the above activities will rest with BDB Consulting. 

As part of the basic HR and payroll services for your company, we shall:

We provide modern IT tools that give employees access to all data regarding their employment and give the employer complete control over the employees’ salaries and working time.  


Take care of your employees and gain a business partner who will take care of the formalities and ... training of your employees.

The extended HR and payroll service means even more convenience for you and your employees and still greater benefits from outsourcing.

As part of the extended HR and payroll services, along with basic activities, we shall also deal with:

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